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Use Your Own Domain

Did you know you can use your own top-level domain name with the DynIP Pro or DynIP Enterprise Service? That's right! You can use any top-level domain (.com, .net, .org, or country domains like .au, .de, .ca etc).

Both the DynIP Pro and DynIP Enterprise packages come complete with all the tools you will need to manage your domain and unlimited free technical support.

4 easy steps to get you on your way to using your own domain name.

Step 1- See if your domain name is available.

Search to see if your Domain Name is available. (WHOIS Search). If you already have a registered domain name proceed to Step 2.

Step 2- Domain Registration or Updating Name Server Information

In order to provide dynamic dns service for your domain it must be assigned to our name servers. You remain as the domain contact and still maintain ownership of your domain name. You only need to assign the domain to our name servers. The name servers can be registered or modified with a domain registrar (ie. , etc). Please note that the domain registration or transfer process may take 24-48 hours with some registrars. Fees associated with registration or transfers are not part of the DynIP Service package.
You will need the following information:

Step 3- Order your DynIP Pro or DynIP Enterprise Service.
Before you can order either service you must have a DynIP Client downloaded and installed on your machine. You must provide the registration key from your DynIP Client with your order. Your registration key will be upgraded to the appropriate service once your order is complete.
Complete the secure online order form available in the Place Order Section

By Phone:
Toll Free in US/Canada at 877-422-6932 or 519-332-6900

We accept Visa, Mastercard or American Express. If you have already purchased the DynIP Basic Service we can upgrade you to the DynIP Pro or DynIP Enterprise Service.

Step 4- DynIP Pro or DynIP Enterprise Service Set-up

Once your order is processed we will proceed with enabling your domain on our name servers and upgrade you to the DynIP Pro or Enterprise service. The additional features will be enabled on your existing registration key. You will continue to use the same DynIP software.

One simple change in your software and you are ready to start using your own domain.