International Messaging Associates Partners with DynIP

July 25, 2001, Hong Kong. International Messaging Associates (IMA) and DynIP, an Internet Dynamic Name service provider, enter into a partnership agreement to provide messaging solutions to organizations connected via broadband or dialup. This permits smaller organizations without their own private Internet IP addresses to now enjoy the benefits of running Internet Exchange Messaging Server (IEMS) 5.

This partnership is targeted to benefit people with changing Internet addresses. With the DynIP service, small organizations and home users are provided a service where the advertised IP address for their name is updated as their address assignment change. The DynIP client allows the users to utilize any type of Internet connection to use this service, including dial-up service, cable-modem, ADSL, ISDN, wireless or LAN connection. DynIP enables the client to host their own web site, e-mail server, FTP site and more at their own location even if they have a dynamically provided IP address. This gives organizations the opportunity to enjoy the full feature benefits of IEMS 5, an industrial strength product, without requiring a static IP. This development provides organizations the ability to increase their Internet productivity and manage their computing resources while minimizing costs.

The IEMS Message Store allows users to access their e-mail anytime, anywhere through any POP3 or IMAP4 capable clients or through an Internet browser using the Web Mail Client. The Distribution List Manager allows users to automatically send messages to numerous lists of recipients by just sending to a single group address. IEMS also includes anti-spam and anti-virus engines, providing protection against threats of spamming and virus attacks. IEMS can also run in a distributed environment allowing computing capacity and resources to be distributed access different networked machines. This is very important for companies that are concerned with maximizing the efficiency of processing while maintaining limited number of machines.

IEMS 5 is now available for downloading and free evaluation through the IMA website at while a free 30-day trial of the DynIP client is available for downloading through the DynIP website at


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