E-mail SafeguardTM

By choice or chance, you're off-line. Do you know where your e-mails are?

While you're off-line, that e-mail you've been waiting for is probably being returned to the sender as undeliverable. On top of that, your internet service provider likely has its system configured to discourage you from even using your own e-mail server. Both situations used to be problems for dynamic DNS users.

Now, with DynIP's E-mail SafeguardTM, you can maintain your system the way you want and be confident that your e-mails will always reach you even if you're off-line when they're being sent!

E-mail SafeguardTM puts DynIP's high-capacity servers on alert to help manage your e-mail deliveries 24/7. When you're off-line, your incoming e-mails are safely and temporarily stored on our secure servers. Then, they're automatically forwarded to you when you're back online.

It's easy. It's peace-of-mind reliable. It's available at a super price you'll gladly compare. Its included with any DynIP Enterprise subscription!

To activate the E-mail SafeguardTM feature on your existing DynIP Enterprise Service please contact DynIP Customer Service at:
Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST.

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