DynIP Service Comparison - Which one is Right for You?

Loaded with the newest generation of special features....


Annual Subscription

(US Dollars)


Dynamic DNS Service using either:
   yourdomain.com    (domain registration fees not included) 

Supports Various Connection Types

Dial up, Cable Modem, Wireless, DSL, LAN

Supports most common routers and firewalls


Use to pre-schedule your on-line remote access calls

Runs as a Service

Run with Windows with/without users logged in
Use any preface for your DynIP™ Internet Name


Display a customized clock on your desktop

Time Set*

Synchronize your computer's clock with Internet servers

Keep Alive*

Keep your connection active beyond ISP limits

Offline Redirection

Send visitors to an alternate website when needed

Online Support Tools including:

Test Your Servers, Knowledge Base, User Guides, Account Status, Port
Checking, WHOIS Search

Free Technical Support

(Mon - Fri 8:30am - 4:30pm EST.) Toll Free telephone (North America)
Email Support: support@dynip.com

Free 30 Day Trial

DynIP is available for a wide range of operating systems.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you cancel a new subscription within 30 days from the date of
purchase we offer an unconditional money back guarantee.
Domain Manager
Manage your domain name settings including: Unlimited Aliases, MX

Multiple Domain Support

Adding more domain names is hassle free $49.95 US/Domain/year (domain
registration fees not included)


Web Port Redirection
(http relay) ISP blocked your web server? No
problem. $49.95 US/Year


Email Safeguard™
(Mail Store & Forward 20MB) Receive your mail even
when you're offline Send your email to any designated port $99.95


* Features listed are for DynIP Client for Windows

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