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Web Redirection (http relay)

Web Redirect is an optional add-on service for DynIP Pro subscribers. Redirect HTTP (web) requests to a different port. Normal web requests are sent to the standard http port 80. Your web server must be configured to accept requests on the specified port.

Normal web requests are sent to port 80, the standard http port. With the recent release of the 'Code Red' worm, some ISP's have blocked incoming requests on this port in an attempt to reduce the overall impact of the 'worm'. This also affects people who run their own web servers.

A posible solution is to run your web server on a 'non standard' port like 81 or 8000. This port number would then be added to each URL like this:

Obviously this is inconvienent for webmasters that have to inform a large customer base that the URLs they know have to change.

A workaround is to redirect the URL so that a request to automatically gets translated to

With our DynIP Web Redirection service you can reroute web requests from port 80 to a different port easily.

Please call us toll free at 1-877-422-6932 or email for more details or to set up this service.