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CanWeb identifies growing preference for more mobile access to computers

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June 11, 2002 – CanWeb Internet Services Ltd. is expanding the customer features and commercial applications of its popular Dynamic DNS software, DynIP, in response to a growing consumer preference for more mobile access to computerized technology, according to company President David Grant.

DynIP is a specialized Internet communications tool used by small offices/home offices, personal users and large companies to access computers in other locations (called ‘remote access’), establish domain names for e-mail and website use, improve e-mail security and expand e-commerce opportunities.

“Particularly within the past year, we have been encouraged by both customers and product developers to increase DynIP’s remote access capabilities. We see a tremendous opportunity for further applications, as DynIP continues to help an increasingly mobile society access an expanding number of computer-based appliances,” said Grant.

CanWeb Internet Services Ltd. is a leading provider of full-service e-solutions that help small office/home office businesses, individuals and corporations maximize their use of the Internet. With head offices in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, the company provides e-business, web hosting, database integration and domain name management services. For further company information, please visit our website at Founded in 1995, CanWeb is also the designer and exclusive service provider of DynIP, the premier Dynamic DNS software solution relied upon by Internet users across North America and in over 85 countries around the world.


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