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Can I have multiple Internet Names point to my IP Address?
Only one Internet Name can be registered in the DynIP Client to point to your IP Address when subscribed to the DynIP Basic Service. Customers using the DynIP Pro and ...

Can I still order my Internet Name after my trial period expires?
You can order your Internet Name service at any time during or after your free 30 day trial period. Please indicate the registration key from your trial period on the order form. After you ...

Do I need to reload my Internet Name every time my IP Address changes?
The DynIP Client detects when a new connection to the Internet has been established, and automatically updates your Internet Name to your new current IP Address. You do NOT need to press th ...

Does DynIP work with AOL?
The DynIP Client looks for a Microsoft dialer. AOL does not use a standard dialer so the DynIP Client does not detect that you are connected to the Internet. To activate the DynIP Client cha ...

How can I change my Internet Name after I pay the annual registration fee?
You can change your Internet Name (hostname) at any time during your subscription. Payments are attached to your registration key, not your Internet Name. DynIP Pro and DynIP Enterprise cu ...

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